• Critical Analysis of Curricula related to Nutrition, Health and Food Safety
  • Training materials
  • Virtual experiments
  • Video tutorials
  • 10-module intelligent digital card-game platform and 20 appropriate digital stories
  • At least 30 Portfolios for classroom implementation/participant organisation in each country
  • At least 300 teachers enrolled in the training process, respectively 200 learning objects
  • Over 3000 questionnaires filled with a view to design the main conclusions related to the awareness of the triad Nutrition - Health - Food Safety in the nowaday education
  • Evaluation tools
  • Good Practices Guidelines for School Education, Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Food Safety Guidelines for Children
    Guideline for School Education
    Nutrition Guideline
    Food Safety Guideline
  • Project webpage
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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